worship & youth church @ 10a Sunday

organist  ~         

Susan Close

Sue has faithfully used her musical talents to praise and glorify God for many years and continues to be a blessing to the part of our mission to Honor God.

Christian Education Coordinator ~

James Kmett 

One of the newest part of Puckety Church's team, James has been brought on to enhance our Discipleship ministry - from Children's Church to adult small groups to VBS and more, to help us "Grow in Faith."   

Financial secretary ~   

Judy West

Puckety's Staff

Choir director ~   

lorraine menk

As our choir director, Lorraine brings her heart, ideas and prayer to our choral music.  Through her leadership she helps us grow in faith through music.  We invite you to join us and see for yourself.

Bookkeeper & Clerk of Session ~ Debra Artman

Debbie has been a member of Puckety her whole life and became our Bookkeeper in 2020 (formerly the office of Treasurer) and serves faithfully as our Clerk of Session as well.

Pastor  ~      

Rev. Brian Kilbert

Rev. Kilbert has been a pastor for 17 years, and has been pastor at Puckety since June of 2020.  He has a wife (Wiebke) & daughter (Renee).  He can be emailed at pastor@pucketychurch.org or reached at 724-678-6976.

Housekeeper ~       

Irene Nelson

Irene is the one working behind the scenes to make sure our facilities are in the condition they need to be for us to do our ministry and does it with a great attitude.

secretary ~   

Kelly Kapelewski

Kelly has been our Administrative Assistant since 2012 and a member of Puckety Church since she was 3.  If you need assistance with anything related to the church, please call 724-339-1323 or email kelly@pucketychurch.org.