Worship & Youth Church

10 AM  Sunday

I'm New

We understand that coming to church for the first time, or the first time in a long while, can produce feelings that are very uncomfortable. Questions can include.. am I good enough to come to church? will the roof fall in on me?  will people know who I am?  Will my past be revealed?  Will they expect me to sing out loud?  Will they ask me to pray?  Do I have to give them money?

First of all, be assured this is completely natural; and second of all, God is bigger than anything that may have happened in the past.  We want you to know the power of Jesus' love for you - that He died for you, and that He wants a relationship with you more than anything else!  YOU are loved by Him, and we want to show you that love!  

Know that when you come to church at Puckety, you are joining with a group of imperfect people, who don't know all the answers, and rely on our relationship with Jesus to get through the challenges of life.  It is an exciting journey, and one we hope you may want to learn more about!  Our vision statement says it best - following Jesus...making disciples...loving one another as he loves us.  We hope you will feel right at home, if and when you choose to join us.

To make your visit more comfortable, we offer the following information:

Worship Times - worship for both adults and children begins at 10:00 AM each Sunday.  
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Parking - we have a large parking lot to accommodate plenty of cars.  We have a space for you!

Where do I come in? - there are four places to come into the church - the first door you see as you pull into the driveway at the front of the church, and the side door to your left before you enter the parking area will lead directly into the sanctuary.  From the parking lot, there are steps down to our classroom area, and a ramp that will lead you into our conference and fellowship area.  But don't worry! There are plenty of greeters that will point you in the right direction.  

What to wear? - God looks at our heart for worship, not our outside appearance.  Wear what is comfortable.  
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Is childcare provided? - children from Pre-K through fifth grade have their own worship time during the majority of most services. 
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Do I have to give money? - No!  our visitors are our guests, and we don't want you for your money.  
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