Worship & Youth Church

10 AM  Sunday

Some of our current Life Groups include:

* We have several groups currently using The Chosen Interactive Bible Study, and watching the first season of the hit TV series to add to the discussion.  Contact the church office to see when the groups are meeting (e.g., Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:00 PM, every other Sunday from 11:30 to 1:00 PM, etc.) - 724-339-1323.

*Women's Group - led by Wiebke Kilbert - (after worship - 11:15 AM) - studying the different world religions and how our Christian faith interacts with them.  Please inquire as to availability and other details: 724-799-3323.

*Bracken Bible Study (we meet every other Tue. at 1:00 PM in Conference Room - we focus on a book in the Bible and study roughly one chapter per meeting.)

*Men's Group led by Matt Wehrle and Mick Dober (Mondays at 10 AM) - call 724-396-6775 (Matt) to inquire about current topic.

*Fitness & Faith (Daniel Plan) group led by Alice Knopfel (currently meeting at the New Ken YMCA) - call 412-400-9463 for schedule and details. 

*The Story Behind the Song group led by Mick Dober (every other Wednesday at 6:00 PM) - in conjunction with Praise Team practice after - but all are invited and you can choose whether or not to stay for practice. 

*The Chosen - several small groups are doing this interactive study using the popular TV series - at different times and paces but it's a church-wide endeavor for the first half of 2023.  Call Pastor Brian for more: 724-678-6976.

Please contact the church office to inquire about space in groups and other information:

Small Groups