Many thanks to all who came out and helped with our Easter Egg Hunt.  It was a beautiful day.  We tried a few new things this year and learned a couple for next year - we continue to seek to be a blessing to our community!  Please join us in that mission!

​​Our Spiritual Gifts Discovery workshop is available on YouTube.  Click the link here to watch if you could not attend (or want a refresher):

​Spiritual Gifts Discovery Workshop

  If you would like a copy of the Inventory tool or Opportunities for Ministry form, please contact the church office - 724-339-1323.

There  are now 5 ongoing life groups - listed on home page and the "Us" page above.  Please contact the church office - 724-339-1323 or Pastor Brian at 724-678-6976 to learn more about what some of the available options are.  We want to encourage each and every member to be part of a regular life group to fulfill together Puckety's mission to:

​​ "Honor God, Grow in Faith, and Improve our Community and World."  


This summer it's SCUBA time!

"Diving into friendship with God."  Pre-registration is highly encouraged 

our Pre-K & K group is almost full, but we have plenty of room for

elementary kids entering 1st grade to entering 6th grade. 

The dates will be June 17 - 21, 2024.  The times are 5:50 - 8:15 PM. 


Pre-registration is up!  Click on the link:  SCUBA VBS

Please check our donation board (amidst the jellyfish in our hallway)!

  We have a BIG need for various things - please contact our VBS Directors -

Erika & Nate Manges - 724-351-2527.  Let's go deeper with God!

Worship & Youth Church

10 AM  Sunday

Puckety Church Capital Campaign  (2024-2028) 

We have identified 3 areas that need addressed very soon:

1)  Our Parking Lot 

2) a new Church Roof and

3) the need to update our outdoor Church Sign to an LED digital sign.

There is some information about the details in our February newsletter (see Newsletter link under the "Us" tab).  We will also provide special opportunity at the Soup & Sandwich Gathering on Sun. February 11th after 10:00 AM worship - all are invited, but please RSVP by calling or emailing the church by Feb. 6th so we know how much food to prepare.

 The total approximate cost of these projects is $125,000. 


#1  First - Congregational Appeal- such as initial Gifts of money ... (in a saving account initial gifts are earning interest demonstrating good stewardship) ... Our appeal also includes a giving pledge in addition to our normal giving. Your normal giving covers the current operating budget of the church. This campaign is separate from the operating budget. If you communicate your commitment on a pledge card, please know your pledge is confidential and will only be used by the financial secretary.  Lastly, we will solicit donations from community teams that may use our facilities.  Please remember that normal giving is just enough to meet our operating expenses.  

#2  Fundraising Events - the team has several ideas and encourages all of you to participate in at least one fundraiser and is currently accepting new team members. Our first fundraiser is sponsored by the fellowship and care team… Feb 11, the Soup and Sandwiches Social… There will be extra soup to purchase and a Chinese auction. 

#3  Finally, a 5-year loan will be sought in cooperation with Redstone Presbytery.  Remember… our ability to minister in the name of our savior depends on your commitment.  In addition to our publications, you can contact the members of the Campaign Committee with any questions (chair - Chuck West - 724-882-0374).  And, of course, the church will be in regular communication regarding the progress of the campaign.  For now, PLEASE prayerfully consider how you can be part of the sacrificial support needed in this united undertaking. This campaign cannot happen without everyone's help.  Let's remember we do this in service of Puckety's vision to be the heart, voice and hands of God making a lasting difference in our lives, community and world.