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Music Ministry Job Opening!

Music Ministry Specialist:

*Provide organ or piano & keyboard music for weekly & occasional services.
*Play music that is a blend of types (traditional, modern, & contemporary).
*Assist with midweek Choir rehearsals (Thur. 6:30 to 7:45 PM from mid-Sept. to mid-May) & Choir accompaniment on respective Sundays.
here for the position description.
$23/hr.  Avg. 7hr./wk.  Submit inquiries & resumes to: kelly@pucketychurch.org or call 724-339-1323.

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To help each person live out our Mission & Vision, the Outreach Team wants to encourage every person who is part of the Puckety Church Family to become more involved in the various outreach events that are going on.  

We are looking for someone to head up our Staff Breakfast (9/26).  You would be asked to find one person to handle each of the following:  
--make donation sign-ups for each school breakfast  
--recruit 4-5 people to make homemade goods (coffee cake, Breads, muffins, etc.) 
Goal: be able to give schools all homemade coffee cake, breads, etc. and only purchase donuts/bagels.  
--purchase items needed but not received  
 -- communicate packing and delivery dates with Kelly for announcements.  

As the head of the project, you are not being asked to DO all of these yourself! Each person you ask to take one of these jobs would handle that aspect; they’d come to you with questions and you can bring any questions back to the Outreach Team. You’d be asked to work with each of the people above, to help provide the staff of Burrell School District with a special breakfast in September.  This is all you’d be asked to do … we want to be clear in what we are asking each to do so no one is surprised or overwhelmed.  Please contact Matt Wehrle or Rebecca Fisher if you are willing to help in this vital part of our Church's mission.