Pentecost - Sunday at 10:00A

On the Day of Pentecost we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit descending in a mighty rush of wind and flame to inspire the church’s proclamation of Christ’s rising and to empower its mission and ministry to the world. (See Acts 2:1-13; see also Joel 2:28-32.)  The notion of Easter as a season of 50 days ending at Pentecost is patterned after the ancient Jewish festival of seven weeks that extended from the beginning of the barley harvest (on the second day after the beginning of Passover) to the end of the wheat harvest at the Festival of Weeks or Shavuot (see Deuteronomy 16:9-12). The Festival of Weeks later came to be called Pentecost (“50th day”) by Greek speaking Jews.  We wear something red to worship to celebrate Pentecost. 

Worship for both youth and adults begins at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.  What you wear is up to you, and you will find folks in jeans and/or shorts and T-shirts, and also some who prefer to be more formal.  Whatever your preference, we want you to be comfortable.  Worship is a time to give our hearts back to God, and focusing on our relationship with Jesus.  That can be done no matter what you choose to wear.  Our worship style is a blended worship with both contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns.  

Throughout the year, we also have several other services that are held on a day other than Sunday.  Normally these will be displayed on the revolving banner on our home page, but below is a complete list should you want to plan ahead.  Special worship services held at our usual worship time on Sunday include Easter and Pentecost.

Ash Wednesday - 7:00p

Ash Wednesday is the first day in the forty day season of Lent. As the journey to the cross unfolds over the next forty days (Sundays are not included), Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of a season of penitence and confession. The tradition of marking the worshiper with ashes has long been a part of many denominations observance of Ash Wednesday, and is practiced at Puckety.

Easter Worship - Sunday at 10:00A

The festival of the Resurrection of the Lord (or Easter Sunday) is the center of the Christian year. On this occasion the church joyfully proclaims the good news that is at the very heart of the gospel: that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead! For Western Christians (Catholics and Protestants) the date of Easter is the first Sunday that comes after the first full moon that occurs on or after March 21 (the Spring Equinox) — occasionally shifted to the following Sunday, when the original date happens to coincide with the Jewish Passover. This means that Easter always occurs sometime between March 22 and April 25, inclusive.

Son-rise Service on Easter Sunday - 7:00A

Our Son-rise Service is normally held at our cemetery, just over the hill from our church.  If weather is inclement we hold it at Faith Hall (adjacent to the church building).  This is a very casual service, and you may want to bring a chair to sit in.  Easter morning is usually brisk, so please dress accordingly.  This service is a way to experience Easter worship in a different setting.  Reminding us of the morning that Mary, Peter, John and Mary arrived at the tomb to see Jesus was risen!  If you need directions to the cemetery, please click here.


“Advent” means “coming” or “arrival.” During the season of Advent, we celebrate Christ’s coming into the world and watch with expectant hope for his coming again. In its historical origins, the season of Advent was patterned after the season of Lent, a six-week period of penitence and preparation for Easter. Similarly, the four weeks of Advent present an opportunity for communal discernment and personal examination, as the church prepares to celebrate the Nativity of the Lord and looks with hope for Christ’s return. 

Worship & Youth Church

10 AM  Sunday

Maundy Thursday - 7:00p

Maundy Thursday begins the Three Days (or Triduum), remembering the new commandment that Christ gave us in word and deed as he taught us how to love one another, washing our feet as a servant. We also celebrate the Lord’s Supper, remembering the meal Christ shared with his disciples before his death.


The season of Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and self-examination in preparation for the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord at Easter. It is a period of 40 days — like the flood of Genesis, Moses’ sojourn at Mount Sinai, Elijah’s journey to Mount Horeb, Jonah’s call to Ninevah to repent and Jesus’ time of testing in the wilderness. (The Sundays in Lent are not counted in this reckoning of the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter, as every Lord’s Day is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.)

Special Seasons We Observe

Worship at Puckety

Christmas Eve - 7:00p

Christmas Eve is a family service that celebrates the Holy Night when our Savior was born.  It is a time when we remember God's gift of Jesus, and the announcement to the shepherds of Jesus' birth.  All are welcome to join us for this special evening and candle light worship service!