Worship & Youth Church

10 AM  Sunday

Ministry Teams

Puckety has several teams established to help accomplish our ministries.  Each team is usually lead by an Elder, and is made up of various people from the congregation.  Below is a list of our teams, and who is currently leading that team.  By clicking on a team name, you can learn more about the ministries this team oversees.

Discipleship Team - Chari Burtner

The Discipleship Team oversees the Christian Education Ministry Area at Puckety.  These areas include Youth Church, Small Groups, and Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Outreach Team - Matt Wehrle

The Outreach Team oversees the mission outreach of Puckety Church.  This includes all mission areas from local up to global.

Fellowship & Care Team - Charlene McKay

The Fellowship and Care Team works to provide exactly what their name states - fellowship opportunities and care of our membership.

Upkeep Team - Vince Appleman

The Upkeep Team is in responsible for maintaining the buildings and the grounds at Puckety.

Worship Team - Jennifer McKay

The Worship Team, along with the pastor, oversees the worship at Puckety.  The AV team works in concert with the Worship team and at present, Wiebke Kilbert acts as point person for the AV team.