Puckety's Prayer Page

worship & youth church @ 10a Sunday

*For the members of Puckety and our greater church family to employ themselves in the church's mission to "honor God, grow in faith, and improve our world" and to also own our common vision to "be the heart, voice and hands of God to make a lasting difference" in the lives of others.

*Praise for Sandy Appleman‘s successful surgery … pray for continued healing and recovery …

*Praise for Josh & Jenna Dober's new baby girl – Tessa Jayne - and for Jenna's continued recovery.

*Praise for the good news that Chari Burtner’s mother, Claudia, received  – clear test results! 

* Concern from Sandy Schafer, we pray for Bonnie (a member of her extended family) - She has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  They are going to remove the cysts then follow up with about 10 weeks of radiation.

* For Lil Blandford’s family members:  her nephew Tom – dealing with cancer - chemo and radiation treatments ... Phyllis Burkot and her continued recovery from the surgery on her arm and for her husband Jeff, recuperating at home … Lil’s granddaughter Kira – that her GI blockage is rectified as simply as possible ... Emma Jean Savage – to be healed of the shingles and relieved from the pain.

* One of Vicky Baker’s friends – Lori - who has a perforated bowel and needs emergency surgery to repair it.  Lori and her husband are also facing employment challenges.  We pray for safety, healing and grace to get through this time of difficulty. 

* Cecil McCutcheon - recovery from eye/cataract surgery.

*The ministry of Young Life in our area, and especially for our new Area Director – Abby Harris … Lord, please bless her and continue to develop in Abby, any skills or abilities that she will need to do the work you want her to do here in Burrell.  We pray that Abby would rely completely and totally on you for her strength, for her wisdom...for ALL she needs.  And we pray that you would open doors for conversation with churches, pastors, and church members.  Connect Abby to people in churches who are passionate about reaching the youth of Burrell for Jesus, and who want to give of their time, themselves, and their money to support Abby and your kingdom work all around us … 

*Myanmar (missionary partner) - still reeling from political unrest.  We pray for the safety of our brother, David Lian and his family and for MUST (Myanmar Undergraduate School of Theology).