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Puckety's Prayer Page

*For the members of Puckety and our greater church family to employ themselves in the church's mission to "honor God, grow in faith, and improve our world" and to also own our common vision to "be the heart, voice and hands of God to make a lasting difference" in the lives of others.

*Praise for various answered prayers in the last few weeks, and prayer for students/families, teachers, administrators and staff of our various schools.

*Prayers for those who find the holidays very difficult for various reasons (family, economic, etc.).

*Prayers for those who have recently lost loved ones: 
Cecil McCutcheon's co-worker, Michelle Seker, at the passing of her mother; Christina Logan's friend Jade, at the passing of her infant daughter Arianna; along with several others from our church family & community. 

*Prayers for Lisa Wilson's family - grandchildren (Marlee & Dexter) - Dexter to be starting therapy soon ... other members of Lisa's family with medical concerns, including for her smell & taste to return after recovering from COVID.

* Nita Serene - for physical health and effective chemotherapy treatment

*Tyler Schafer and his recovery from surgeries for his broken leg.

*From Irene Nelson: pray for Lauren's mother-in-law, Barb, and her recovery from major injuries
* Continued prayers for our missionary partner David Lian, and the host of challenges the churches and people of Myanmar are facing (military coup, destruction, displacement, hunger and sickness).

*Sophia Earhart's sons:  Thomas (chronic arthritis issues) and Timothy (major hearing issues, upcoming surgeries)

*The ministry of Young Life in our area, and especially for our new Area Director – Abby Harris … Lord, please bless her and continue to develop all the skills/abilities that she will need to do the work you want her to do here in Burrell.  We pray for students who are experiencing stress and pressures from the world that oftentimes leave them unfulfilled and hurting. We pray that they may experience your truth, grace, and love and that they may be changed by the Gospel.  There are so many kids in our community who do not know how loved they are by the Savior. We pray that you, God, would call adults in our community to share not only the Gospel but their lives as well with kids in our area.  You know the other groups and agencies that stand ready to play a part in this mission, including Young Life, Wyld Life, the youth group we’re trying to form here.  Holy Spirit, help us to face and overcome the challenges, and change lives by your leading and power …
If you have a prayer concern you would like included on this page, please contact the church office or email: pastor@pucketychurch.org