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10 AM  Sunday

Puckety's Prayer Page

​​​*For the members of Puckety and our greater church family to employ themselves in the church's mission to "honor God, grow in faith, and improve our world" and to also own our common vision to "be the heart, voice and hands of God to make a lasting difference" in the lives of others.

*Praise for various answered prayers in the last few weeks - a great week of Vacation Bible School, in the realm of health, relationships, mission, and the outpouring for the Capital Campaign.  Thanks God!

*For those who have lost loved ones in recent weeks ... and others in our church family who continue to grieve losses.  Prayers for Brandy Roland as she looks for a new job.

*Prayers for Rodney Schafer as he continues to recover from recent severe symptoms

*Prayers for Jolene's sons, Scott and Nick, as they have medical procedures coming, and recovery afterward

*Prayers for Lisa Wilson's husband, David, as he recovers from major surgery

*Prayers for Terry Sprinkle (prostate concerns), Erika Manges' aunt, Kathy (and family) at the loss of her husband, Dan.

*ALL others receiving various treatment for cancer and illness.

​​​​* Prayers for our missionary partner David Lian and MUST, and the host of challenges the churches and people of Myanmar are facing (military coup, oppressive army conscription, destruction, bombing, displacement, homelessness, hunger and sickness).

If you have a prayer concern you would like included on this page, please contact the church office or email: pastor@pucketychurch.org