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Puckety's Prayer Page


  • From Denise Johnston:  It would be greatly appreciated if everyone would be praying for Anna who had surgery last Thursday. (We’ve been praying for her already)  And then be praying for Jane who had a scan last Friday morning. (She also has been on our prayer chain for her cancer) 

  • Please pray for Deb Artman.  She had her knee replaced last Friday.

  • From Brenda McAllister:  My niece, Rachel Aungst, said that her husband, Rich, had a lump removed from the back of his head and one from his chin.  Prayers for him and also, prayers for her concerning some health issues.

  • Leroy Anthony is coming along nicely.  He has 3 hours of therapy a day and there’s been some movement in his leg.  His anticipated discharge date from St. Margaret’s is May 10th.

  • From Joy Burd:  My friend's daughter, Katie - 30 years old. Went to ER Monday night with mini stroke-like symptoms. Went home last night. Had two small strokes and one medium stroke, frontal and parietal, and should fully recover in months. Stammers and can't find words sometimes but is very understandable and improved each day. Between strokes and miscarriage and pregnancy hormones is very emotional. Discovered a blood clotting disorder and her atrial septal defect in her heart reopened, so that seems to explain how the clots formed and made it to her brain.

  • Cecil McCutcheon's niece, Amber, had her new baby.  Thanks for the prayers.

  • From Christina Logan:  Pray for her co-worker, Leslie.  She is in Presbyterian Hospital after having 3 strokes.  She has 4 dogs and a special needs cat.  Other co-workers are helping to care for them.

  • Wayne McAllister is in Allegheny Valley Hospital with a blood infection.

  • Sandy Shafer would like prayer for Ott Quarles who is in the hospital with a UTI.

  • Mira Whalen's nephew, Ryan Fletcher, has a mass in his sinuses.

  • Please pray for Tara Parker.  She has an infection.  From anonymous.


Please include the PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee) in your daily prayer list! 

​Deb Artman, Mick Dober, Sophia Earhart, Rebecca Fisher, Kelly Kapelewski, Brenda McAllister, and Cliff McKay, Sr.

  • Ask God to work schedules out, so that they can meet when needed and all be able to participate.
  • Ask God to give them wisdom as they read through the PIF (Pastor Information Forms), and do interviews with candidates, to hear what is being said, as well as what is not being said.
  • Ask God to give them unity of thought and mind as they rate/rank candidates, so that they would be led to the pastor God desires for Puckety.
  • Pray about anything else for them that God brings to your mind.