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Puckety's Prayer Page


  • From Maria Schafer:  I received a phone call from my daughter this morning and she is seeking prayers due to post – partum depression.

  • Ellie Kantorskie fell and broke her hip in 3 places.  She had surgery and is in Bel Air recovering.

  • Pray for the Abundant Joy Fellowship’s congregation and the family of their pastor who passed away.

  • Cecil McCutcheon is asking for prayers. His throat is very sore and he feels awful.

  • From Christina Logan:  Prayers again for Dex as he is battling a double ear infection and is sick with a cold again! 

  • Sean Goldinger, Mary Goldinger’s son, is in desperate need of prayer for many ailments.  He is in the ICU and the diagnoses of additional issues keeps compounding.  His family is also in need of prayer as they are trying to deal with all that his hospitalization is requiring of them monetarily and otherwise.  Please pray for the whole family.  A gofundme account has been set up to support the family.  You can click here to donate.

Please include the PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee) in your daily prayer list! 

  • Ask God to work schedules out, so that they can meet when needed and all be able to participate.
  • Ask God to give them wisdom as they read through the PIF (Pastor Information Forms), and do interviews with candidates, to hear what is being said, as well as what is not being said.
  • Ask God to give them unity of thought and mind as they rate/rank candidates, so that they would be led to the pastor God desires for Puckety.
  • Pray about anything else for them that God brings to your mind.