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Puckety's Prayer Page


  • Barb Bentley would like prayer for her, her family and her extended family as she lost and aunt and a cousin recently.

  • From Lorraine Menk:  My friend Joy, mother of Vinnie who was hospitalized for the removal of a mass in his stomach, is asking for continued prayers. If you recall Vinnie has mental disabilities and as a 30-year-old he lives his life as a small child. He is not healing and progressing as the doctors had hoped. His mom and dad are very concerned and it has been rough for him in the hospital. Pray for Vinnies restoration to health and for his parents as they deal with this stress.   


Please include the PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee) in your daily prayer list! 

​Deb Artman, Mick Dober, Sophia Earhart, Rebecca Fisher, Kelly Kapelewski, Brenda McAllister, and Cliff McKay, Sr.

  • Ask God to work schedules out, so that they can meet when needed and all be able to participate.
  • Ask God to give them wisdom as they read through the PIF (Pastor Information Forms), and do interviews with candidates, to hear what is being said, as well as what is not being said.
  • Ask God to give them unity of thought and mind as they rate/rank candidates, so that they would be led to the pastor God desires for Puckety.

Pray about anything else for them that God brings to your mind.​